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Your gift to WHALE will be invested in historic restoration projects that have a far-reaching impact on New Bedford’s economy and people.

The Barnes family, new owners of the WHALE restored two-family house at 305-307 Pleasant.

Stabilize Neighborhoods and Create Affordable Housing

Foster Economic Growth and Workforce Opportunities

Expand New Bedford’s Growing Creative Economy

Preserve the city’s Architectural and Multi-Cultural Heritage

Together, we’re building a stronger, more prosperous city that can take pride in its heritage and have hope for its future.

Please give generously today!


Become a Partner in Preservation

WHALE’s Partners in Preservation are community leaders with a deep commitment to New Bedford’s revitalization and a deep belief in the power of historic restoration to transform our community.

Contribute through your Donor Advised Fund.  As a 503(c)3, WHALE is an approved charity with most Donor Advised Fund Managers. Find yours here:

Gifts of $1,000 or more, receive a state tax credit of 50%.
Out-of-state donors receive a cash refund for 50% of their donation. 

That’s right, half of your donation comes back to you through the Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Program.  It’s simple and easy. Learn exactly how to secure your credit.

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