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Through our Neighborhood Restoration Program, WHALE acquires and restores historic house foreclosures to redevelop them as affordable housing. The latest project, 149 Allen St., will be renovated and sold to a first-time home-buyer through lottery.

In 1845, Charles V. Card completed the construction of his home, first known as 49 Allen St. Card was a block and pumpmaker, an important profession in the seafaring community. He had a shop on the waterfront and made two machines that ships needed to sail: the block-and-tackles that could lift heavy cargo or raise sails and the pumps that kept water from building up below decks. He also served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.Architecturally, this building is a unique style, even for its time. It is primarily a Greek Revival, however it was constructed in 1845 when the Gothic Revival style was becoming popular in New Bedford, and so it utilizes a deep cornice and verge board. The baluster and swags may have been a later addition.
The house will have a 4-bedroom homeowner unit with a one-bedroom as a separate rental unit. After its full restoration, the house will be sold through a lottery process to an income qualified family. This process is in partnership with the City of New Bedford.

Other historic buildings currently under WHALE’s Revolving Loan Fund include:

Howland House
Co-Creative Center
318 Pleasant Street

If you have any questions on the project or how to donate, please call Executive Director Teri Bernert at (508) 997-1776 or e-mail

The Project is Possible with the Generous Foundation Support Of…

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