Current Projects

Co-Creative Center (A Development of Barker’s Lane Block)

Rendering  designed by studio2sustain

Now in Phase II of its development, the Co-Creative Center will be a 10,000 square-foot development that will foster New Bedford’s creative economy. Located on 139/141 Union St, this abandoned block will be transformed into a collaborative retail, living and arts space that includes a gallery, education and maker space in the heart of downtown’s historic district. The Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE), as owner and developer, is collaborating with architect studio2sustain and project partners. The initiative began construction in Spring 2016 with the full restoration expected to open October 2017.

The mutual goals for the project include:

  • The historic restoration and reuse of 139/141 Union St with a creative multi-use approach for space that includes more downtown housing
  • Building capacity for downtown’s artists, creatives and organizations through community gallery, co-work space, retail opportunities and maker space.
  • Activating the streetscape at the storefront level for increase of people and activities within the overlap block of Seaport Cultural District, Historic District and TDI District
  • Increase the access to hands-on arts education for low-income residents of New Bedford


For over 10 years, the vacant “Barker’s Lane Block” has left a hole in New Bedford’s historic district. While the Gateway City is growing with revitalization efforts of downtown schools, tourism and retail shops, these abandoned buildings have remained untouched and wouldn’t have lasted another winter without a new roof.

Though the city is named one of the “Top 10 Artistic Cities in America”, a public hub for local creatives and an accessible maker space is still missing.  In New Bedford, many believe it is key to make sure the local arts renaissance remains accessible and affordable to all residents. This means granting emerging artists, creatives and makers their own downtown space and platform for diverse voices, along with their variety of mediums. The arts and music industry is evolving with technology and increasingly values the artist that creates work in multi-dimensional ways. Our local artists are already stepping in these directions of computer programming, protoyping and tech-driven arts, but few have access to the work and retail space needed to thrive in the industry.


The mission of the Co-Creative Center is to establish a footprint for creative enterprise in the historic downtown to connect, support and celebrate artists and cultural entrepreneurship.


Co-Market Gallery:  Community galleries are designed to support local artisan efforts by promoting their work. In this storefront space, CO+ members will be able to sell their art and member-juried products while gaining retail experience.

Co-Make Space:  This is a community environment where artists and entrepreneurs can delve into the technology-driven “maker culture”. There will be industry equipment for prototypes and computer facilities people in need of a “project incubator”. Members will have access to the software and supplies needed for Digital Photography, Animation (with a green wall) and Graphic Design. Equipment Inventory is now under review and tiered memberships will be available.

Co-Learn Center: An education/conference space designed for the surrounding arts and culture community. Partners and public schools will be able to teach classes for community awareness or profit if the program aligns with the CO+ mission. An artisan, for example, can promote and host a class in their craft or meet with a prospective client. Class room size will be able to accommodate 25 guests.

In 139 Union St.: SECOND FLOOR

Co-Work Space for Arts & Culture:  While many downtown offices are open at a high price, this space is dedicated to non-profits that support the arts, cultural and educational sectors in New Bedford at a subsidized rate. Long-term co-work space occupants will share office equipment and services in a collaborative environment.

In 139/141 Union St.: THIRD FLOORS

Downtown Housing: To respond to the need for more downtown residential space, four units on the upper floor will be affordable artist workforce housing. They are mixed sizes at 2 one-bedrooms and 2 two-bedrooms.


Corner Start-Up Space: Check out our open spaces available!

CO Map of NB Districts

The CO+ is on the only block that is part of all three Downtown New Bedford districts.

If you have any questions on the project or how to donate, please call Executive Director Teri Bernert at (508) 997-1776 or e-mail


The Project is Possible with the Generous Foundation Support Of…

1772 Foundation
BayCoast Bank
Bristol County Savings Bank
Carney Family Charitable Foundation
City of New Bedford HOME Funds
Garfield Foundation
Island Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council Facilities Fund
New Bedford Economic Development Council
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Rainy Day Fund
Santander Bank
Upstream Foundation