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Urban Soiree Series

This year, WHALE will open its own doors on three special nights for a first look and conversation of projects. Guests will hear about how WHALE’s architects and partners envisioned the projects and solved restoration challenges along the way. Proceeds benefit WHALE’s neighborhood restoration initiatives.

Neighborhood Soiree #1

149 Allen Soiree_Lighter
149 Allen Street
Friday, June 16
5:30 to 7:30 pm
Architect: Kit Wise

Note: This is your chance to view the interior of the historic house before it is sold to a first-time homebuyer

Open Bar by OCD Beverage
Fathoms Raw Bar
Tastings from Morton’s Fork Catering
Music and Conversation
Ticket $75 per event

Also Upcoming in the Soiree Series…

Portside Soiree #2

NBPS Complex

New Bedford Port Society Complex
15 Johnny Cake Hill
Summer 2017


CO+ Soiree #3

Co-Creative Center_Skyline

139 Union St.
Fall 2017

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