First Baptist Church Groundbreaking

In the blaze of a VERY warm July afternoon sun, New Bedford’s historic First Baptist Church enjoyed its ceremonial groundbreaking yesterday. Work on the steeple has been underway for several weeks, and downtown visitors will be able to watch the reconstruction unfold as the summer goes by.

Walk down William Street to see for yourself, or peruse these photos of yesterday’s groundbreaking.

A special thanks to New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell, Reverend Dalton Said from the First Baptist congregation, and Susan Richard, President of Your Theatre, for helping us to officially open this long-anticipated project.

DSC 0410
DSC 0408
DSC 0459
DSC 0444
DSC 0443
DSC 0442
DSC 0440
DSC 0438
DSC 0435
DSC 0434
DSC 0429
DSC 0423
DSC 0421
DSC 0411
DSC 0440

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