WHALE Awarded Community Investment Tax Credits from State

60d87d21-3d5c-42cf-897f-323fce130a77Last year WHALE was certified as a Community Development Corporation (CDC) and submitted a multi-year business plan detailing how we will improve the New Bedford community and leverage federal and private resources for neighborhood based economic development. The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) ranked the plans from CDCs to identify those most effective in meeting local and state-wide goals for community economic development.  In December 2014, WHALE was awarded $100,000 in state Community Investment Tax Credits that we will use to secure up to $200,000 in private support during 2015. 

Contributions to the tax credit program will fund WHALE’s state-approved Community Investment Plan to help WHALE to continue to revitalize sustainable neighborhoods in New Bedford through historic preservation.  To learn more about CITC, watch the video below.  To download a WHALE CITC Donor form to receive a 50% tax credit CLICK HERE

The Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit
CITC YouTube



A 2012 study of the economic impact of WHALE-preserved properties shows:
Since 2001, WHALE’s 50+ projects, including 20 buildings in the National Park area alone, have contributed $2.5 million in tax revenue to the City of New Bedford.  Those properties were valued at more than $12 million.  Without WHALE, they may have had zero value.

WHALE’s work in saving the waterfront historic area, dating back to the 1960s, led to the establishment of the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.  The Park is now attracting thousands of new visitors to our city each year, and they are spending millions of dollars while here.

Investment in New Bedford’s historic properties between 2005 and 2010 totaled more than $136 million, bringing over 500 construction jobs and 640 permanent jobs to the city.

WHALE was established in 1962, when urban renewal threatened entire neighborhoods. Its founders were committed to saving our city’s history and architectural heritage from “death by neglect and the tyranny of the bulldozer”. Perhaps, Sarah Delano, WHALE’s President from 1966-1982, said it best, “if you bulldoze your heritage, you become just anywhere” WHALE was founded to ensure that New Bedford is “Not Just Anywhere”… read more

Advocacy – Advocacy is one of WHALE’s most important on-going activities. WHALE advocates for historically and architecturally significant properties in several ways… read more

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